Buttercream vs Fondant Icing

Buttercream verses Fondant icing is the ultimate debate when choosing wedding cakes, or any cake for that matter. Most couples come to us not wanting fondant at all. Their memories are of thick layers, tasting of what can only be described as medicine, on a fruit cake that their grandma made. I’m really selling you […]


Our Favorite Part – Hearing how the Couple Met! Michael and Tammie were both out one night at a bar. Tammie’s friend saw Micheal standing at the bar and asked him to follow her and she brought him over. Tammie got tapped on the shoulder midway through busting a move, she turned around and a tall […]


Who would of thought that the couple that studied together would eventually end up together? After years of studying Pharmacy at the same university Patrick and Ally had actually never spoken, although Ally had noticed Patrick around Campus. After graduating however, they were properly introduced by mutual friends. From there the rest is history. They […]


When it rains… Well grab an umbrella, hike up that wedding dress and make the most of one spectacular day! It’s good luck after all. Meet Sarah and Sean. Loved up since they locked eyes at basketball training during their adolescence youth. Ahh.. young love! Fast track to the present where they are both playing […]


Cafe and artisan chocolate factory by day, events space by night. East Elevation is a hidden gem found among the busy bustling Brunswick East streets. Hidden no more once you step through their giant red door into the blissful smells of coffee and chocolate you fall instantly in love. An easy choice of venue for […]


Rolling fields, ocean views and stunning wine, a dream come true for Greta and Ben who married at the breath taking @baiewines A perfect summer’s day on the hills of the Peninsula was definitely a scene setting moment for a romance that started just a few years before at a mutual friends party. Ben had […]


Swanning into being one our our cutest themed parties ever is Georgie Eve’s First birthday celebrations. Yes, Swan themed!

It doesn’t hurt either when your mumma is the talent behind Lefko Style. One of Melbourne’s top event and party planners. You know this little ball of cuteness will be having some rad parties to come.

So why swan themed? Angie (The mumma herself) just new it was to be when pregnant with little baby Georgie Eve. Snagging this very cute Swan cake topper as one of many props used on the day.


Like her mumma, Sidney is one wild chick! We hope she has the creativity to match as words can’t describe this bold and colourful shindig that was Sidney’s First birthday.

Let’s kick things off with the cake. We call this a canvas cake. Why? Because we felt like we were creating art, the canvas being cake. Splotching and blending coloured buttercream to create an abstract piece of edible art.

Completing the design sat a gold Chocolate sail, macarons and a ‘Wild one” acrylic cake topper by the uber talented Ruby Rabbit.


Cascading balloon garlands, tiers and tiers of personalised sweets, fresh blooms and views to die for. Welcome to Eva’s Christening.

The brief was simple here. A colour palette of grey, pink and gold bringing in a simple flower arrangement for a minimalist timeless design . Sometimes less is more and in this case we’d agree.


We were stoked to join forces with some Uber talented folk to bring home an ultra feminine styled shoot showcasing some local talent.

Fresh florals was a must when designing this little number. Hand wired and free flowing it was definitely the icing on the cake. The only icing on the cake in fact. With its semi naked finish exposing its delicious cake goodness.

Finally topper with a custom gold acrylic topper from Arlo & Co this cake was complete


They say opposites attract. This has never been more true than in my first meeting with this couple. Meet Lisa and Aaron.

A bubbly and fun couple I knew instantly we were going to have fun creating their wedding cake. Friends for awhile they kicked their romance off one night at a local nightclub. Let’s just say there was a furry wall, safari suites and a wrong number involved. Say no more!


Sitting here stirring my egg nog thinking of up and coming Christmas in July shenanigans, it took me back to last years Good Day Club Christmas Soiree. Yes, Kate and Dave sure do know how to throw a party. It helps when you have rad creative friends to bring it home.

What Christmas party isn’t complete without a glittery disco ball to kiss under. Or was that tinsel?. Nope, I’m pretty sure that was a disco ball.

If the disco balls didn’t loosen up the night Fat & Skinny Catering sure did with their platters of balls and dip. That’s vegan Lentil balls and homemade Tzatziki.


The style brief for this high tea was feminine flower tones, antique crystal, fine bone china and silver accents.

With that in mind came this beauty. Totally customised for the occasion with its dusty pink hues and aged cracked textured finish. A technique called base relief was also introduced. This is where you see the floral work raised on the base and top edge of the cake. This further reinforces that stone look. A perfect pairing sitting high on a worn antique dresser.


George is one lucky 2 year old. His favourite bed time book comes to life in cake form.

Sitting down with George’s mum Helen we knew this cake was going to be fun. Page by page we literally sat down and began to read the story which is; In the night garden.

We took all the fun characters and elements George enjoyed from the book and made them come to life in the form of sugar. Interacting with each other in a playful manner.


We love creating Ged’s cakes every year. Krystal has that attention to detail we just love falling down the rabbit hole with.

With a brief in mind Krystal described the elements and styling she was incorporating on the day. Foliage back drops, gold dino centrepieces and an array of dino themed treats. We wanted to blend our design with the styling already established. So we started creating.


Let’s take you back to 2011. Where local Dj Evan and patron Courtney locked eyes. Not your usual nightclub love story (I’m sure we all have had a few we’d like to forget)

From the moment they met, the connection was strong. They had a lot in common, and shared the same values and goals in life which resulted an unbreakable bond.

Let’s cut to the scene every women would love to play out. A Central park picnic proposal where Evan got down on one knee to ask for Courtney’s hand in marry. Eat your heart out Carrie Bradshaw!


A New Years to remember!! Jess and Simon meet and well the rest is history.

How the couple met:

This was a very different picture 6 years ago at a mutual friends house party. You know the old tale of a couples eyes locking across the room well, past the stroke of midnight.
Love at first glance! Well perhaps a little different in the story of Jessica and Simon.


Where three isn’t a crowd. Nadine and Andrew spend their special day with the wildlife at Werribee Zoo.

“We spent the day feeding the giraffes, watching the meerkats, walking past the emus and observing the hippos,” Nadine says. “it was both hilarious and memorable.”


I found it a little uncanny to theme our sons 2nd Birthday Party around something flying as I was told time and time again to absorb every moment as the years “fly by” too quick! Our son is in love with watching airplanes pass over and with my aviation background, I couldn’t help but be inspired to embrace this as a birthday party theme…


A couple that Summadayze together stay together. Well that’s how the gorgeous Laura and David met. Friends at first this couple blossomed into a strong couple that have explored the world together making many memories along the way.