Step 1: Get your cake journey started by sending us an enquiry. We love talking all things cake so don’t be shy! Step 2: We will send out a cake questionnaire. We want to know alLabout your wedding plans, what you’re hoping for and how we can helpmake it happen. Step 3: Once we’ve received the questionnaire back, you will be sent a quote and/or given the option for a consultationStep 4: Come in for a no-obligation consultation and cake-tasting. (Yes, it’s most couples favourite part of the wedding planning) What does a consultation involve? Based on your questionnaire responses there are two approaches. A: The Customised Consultation You want a unique piece? Let’s get creating!Using your questionnaire responses we sketch up three pieces. Rustic, elegant, classic or modern, we take inspiration from your dress, flowers, venue or simply the vibe you’re wanting to create and shape the cake to suit. In the consultation we’ll construct a visual mock-up of the cake. We’ll talk colours, decoration or flowers, and flavours but most importantly you get to take home cake! This is the consultation for the creative type who wants to define your dream cake together. B: The ‘I Know What I Want’ ConsultationFallen in love with a complete design already? A consultation can still be arranged to take that image and create a mock version to help you visualise size and design and ensure in reality it will be what you want. Let’s talk flavours as well with our cake sample box.