Made in the USA, Americolor provides exceptional food colouring in an easy to use gel application.

With start of the art colour strength, this soft gel paste is easy to use to colour a variety of both dairy and non-dairy toppings.

Loved by both professional bakers and home bakers, this colour range is consistent from batch to batch and provides effective results with less colour required than regular food colouring pastes.

The unique trademarked formula dramatically reduces colour bleeding, eliminates after-tastes, withstands freeze/thaw cycle and evenly disperses colours for exceptional results everytime.

Available in a full range of colours.


  • Colour: Bright White
  • Easy to use squeeze bottle with flip cap lid
  • Withstand harsh freeze and thaw cycles without colour bleeding
  • Does not run with moisture
  • Certified Kosher & FDA safe
  • Suitable to use on dairy and non dairy toppings such as doughs, whipped toppings, icings, buttercreams, fondant, macarons, marzipan and more
  • Made in the USA