Semi Naked Cake- With Caramel Drip (No delivery option available)

This beauty is a part of our semi naked cake range.

It comes lightly covered in our signature vanilla buttercream, with it’s exposed cake peaking through and finally drizzled with our gooey salted caramel drip. (Please do note depending on what cake flavour you choose this exposed cake with vary in colour. The photographed cake is all chocolate).

The flowers you see on top are completly real and although safe to use on cakes we do not advise you to eat them. Unless you’re into eating flowers and then go for it! You do you boo. Depending on the time of year this flowers and foliage may change slightly in colour and variety. We do try our very best to match the photo, but we may need to swap some out for equally beautiful foliage.

Choose the size that best suits your needs, the best part is you get the choice of multiple flavours. Each flavour is separated by a board for easy cutting as well. Yes, we have thought of it all. Definitely not a first cake rodeo. To check out how easy this cake is to cut, click the video below. The taller 9 inch height cakes have an extra layer of cake. Yes, 3 flavour choices I know!