ROYAL ICING MASTERCLASS- (Featuring Frosted By Nicci)
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ROYAL ICING MASTERCLASS- (Featuring Frosted By Nicci)

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VISUAL WARNING!! These cookies are extremely adorable. 

Always on the pulse of today’s trends and techniques Frosted by Nicci kicks off 2020 with this adorable cat and dog cookie workshop which showcases an array of piping techniques which can then be carried through to any cookie or cake project. 

Whether you’re a total novice wanting to know the basics or you’ve been in the cookie game for years you're going to get so much out of this workshop. 

Frosted by Nicci is not only our favourite cookie expert, but also an industry leader, known for her hand painting, piping and lettering, not only on cookies, but cakes as well. This workshop is an opportunity to tap into her skills and fast track the learning process. Eliminate the frustration of trial and error. We’ll let you in on the tricks of the trade so you can nail these skills time after time. 

Nicci will also take you through the methods of baking her signature cookies. She’ll cover what’s involved in creating that perfect shape, colour and texture. Her royal icing recipe will also be made available and she will guide you through how to achieve the perfect consistency to pipe with ease.

Techniques you will learn:

- Royal Icing consistencies

- Flooding

- Wet on wet technique

- Sectional piping

- Textural details

- Royal icing lettering (free hand lettering with the option of using a projector)


- Sugar Cookie Recipe

- Royal Icing Recipe

- Template for French bulldog, Cat Face and Speech Bubble Cookies

- Supply list

 You will create and take home the following pack of cookies: 

1 x Meow Speech Bubble, 1 x Woof Speech Bubble, 1 x Dog Bone, 1 x Ball of Wool, 1 x Cat Face, 1 x Sausage Dog, 1 x French Bulldog, 1 x Fishbone

Class time may run over time up to an hour. Please do make sure you can stay back if need be. 

When you attend one of our workshops you also get access to The Flour Shop Academy Facebook group. A community where everyone is encouraged to share tips, tricks and masterpieces created.