Swanning into being one our our cutest themed parties ever is Georgie Eve’s First birthday celebrations. Yes, Swan themed!

It doesn’t hurt either when your mumma is the talent behind Lefko Style. One of Melbourne’s top event and party planners. You know this little ball of cuteness will be having some rad parties to come.

So why swan themed? Angie (The mumma herself) just new it was to be when pregnant with little baby Georgie Eve. Snagging this very cute Swan cake topper as one of many props used on the day.


George is one lucky 2 year old. His favourite bed time book comes to life in cake form.

Sitting down with George’s mum Helen we knew this cake was going to be fun. Page by page we literally sat down and began to read the story which is; In the night garden.

We took all the fun characters and elements George enjoyed from the book and made them come to life in the form of sugar. Interacting with each other in a playful manner.


We love creating Ged’s cakes every year. Krystal has that attention to detail we just love falling down the rabbit hole with.

With a brief in mind Krystal described the elements and styling she was incorporating on the day. Foliage back drops, gold dino centrepieces and an array of dino themed treats. We wanted to blend our design with the styling already established. So we started creating.


I found it a little uncanny to theme our sons 2nd Birthday Party around something flying as I was told time and time again to absorb every moment as the years “fly by” too quick! Our son is in love with watching airplanes pass over and with my aviation background, I couldn’t help but be inspired to embrace this as a birthday party theme…