People may gush over the dress, or say the ceremony was beautiful but what is the one thing that they really want? The Wedding Cake, of course, the one part of the day they are truly a part of. They want to marvel at its beauty, take photos of it and of course share in a delicious slice, or two. For you the cake is the centrepiece of the reception, it’s a reflection of your style as a couple and a part of the day to be thoroughly enjoyed. It’s the fun, the love and the best part of the celebration, in our humble opinion anyway.

Choosing the perfect wedding cake is such a fun experience at Boutique Cake Art. There’s cake tasting to be had. Are you are red velvet couple, is chocolate your thing or will you go with salted caramel, the flavour of the moment? There’s design elements to be considered. Have you always dreamt of traditional white iced cake,  saving the top tier or do you want a thoroughly modern layer upon layer naked cake? Whether you know exactly what you want or you’d like our help guiding you through the selection process we are here to create the Wedding Cake of your dreams.

Our wedding cake designs are at the forefront of the industry and we constantly research the bridal arena to stay on top of current trends. We love to push boundaries, try new techniques and more than anything design unique creations.  We also have a soft spot for the classics, we love there timeless beauty and we know they're always a crowd pleaser.

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